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About Maktec

Makita Gulf is pleased to announce the launch of Maktec series which now comes with some cosmetic changes to make it more attractive. It has been seven years since the first Maktec was launched in this region.We have seen many changes in our industry during the last few years and its time to relaunch the series with a new look.

Concept of Maktec :
  • Second brand of Makita
  • Simple, Solid and Powerful tool
  • Appealing orange color
  • For semi-professional and DIY users
  • With new Maktec logo and cosmetic changes in design
  • Ni-cd batteries in cordless range upgraded to Li-ion batteries

  • New Concept For Design
    Plygonal Line   Sharp line on grip   Cut edges on housing
    82mm_planer   planer   planer
    82mm Planer   82mm Planer   82mm Planer
    random_orbit_sander   portable_cut_off   random_orbit_sander
    125mm Random Orbit Sander   355mm Portable Cutoff   125mm Random Orbit Sander
    portable_cut_off_saw   drill   portable_cut_off
    355mm Portable Cut Off Saw   10mm Drill   355mm Portable Cut Off Saw
    drill   router   drill
    10mm Drill   8mm Router   10mm Drill
    router       router
    8mm Router       8mm Router
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