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18+18v li-ion
DUC252 - LXT Cordless Chain Saw (18+18V Li-ion)
Technical Specification
Guide Bar Length 250 mm
Chain Pitch 9.5 mm
Chain Gauge 1.3 mm
Chain Speed 8.3 m/s (500 m/min) (1,650 FPM)
Chain Oil Tank Volume 85 mL
Sound Pressure Level 84.4 dB(A)
Sound Power Level 95.4 dB(A)
Vibration Level Cutting Wood: 4.7 m/s²
Dimensions (L x W x H) 545x234x198mm
Net weight 4.1 kg
  • Two 18V LXT Li-Ion batteries deliver power and performance without leaving the 18V LXT platform
  • Low noise level at only 84.4 dB(A) and zero emissions for operator comfort
  • "Tool-less" chain adjustment for convenient operation and maintenance
  • Kickback brake & electric brake for maximum productivity and maximum operator safety
    Standard Equipments
    Saw Chain, Guide Bar, Guide Bar Cover, Spike Bumper
    Key Symbols
    brakeSOFT STARTautomatic oilingchain brakeEXTREME PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY18+18v Li-ion
    Model Li-ion Battery Charger Carry case
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