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DJV180 - LXT Cordless Jig Saw (18V Li-ion)
Technical Specification
Capacity In wood at 90 degrees : 135mm
In steel at 90 degrees : : 10mm
Length of stroke 26mm
Strokes per min. (spm) 0-2,600
Dimensions (L x W x H) 257 x 73 x 208mm
Net weight 2.8kg
  • High accuracy and high efficiency.
  • Low vibration and low noise.
  • Toolless push-in lock system enables extremely quick blade changes.
  • Rubber Dust Seal at Rod and Retainer shuts out dust.
  • Large trigger switch is easy to operate with gloved hand.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with rubberized grip provides more control and comfort.
    Standard Equipments
    Jig Saw Blade Set (No. B-10, BR-13, B-22; 2each), Cover Plate, Anti-Splintering Device, Hex Wrench
    Key Symbols
    Variable SpeedBrakeDust Collectingbayonet_shank_jig_saw_bladeOrbital_CuttingBuilt-in Job Light18v lithium-ion
    Model Battery Charger carry case
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