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DVC860L LXT Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner (18+18v Li-ion and AC) (Wet & Dry)
Technical Specification
Suction power AC : 320W
  DC : 25-70W
Max peak air flow AC : 3.6m³ / min
  DC : 2.1m³ / min
Max sealed suction AC : 24kPa
DC : 9kPa
Tank capacity Dust : 8L
Continuous use (minutes) 30-65
Dimensions (L x W x H) 552 x 398 x 685mm
Net Weight 14.5kg
Power supply cord 5.0m
  • Cloth fillter type: for both Wet and Dry vacuum cleaning
  • Large on-off switch; also equipped with main power switch
  • Dual battery fuel gauge
  • Removable storage box
  • Standard Equipments
    38mm dia Hose 2.5m long with 38mm fixed cuff, Straight pipe, Bend pipe, Nozzle assembly, Poly bag set,
    double insulationvariable_speed18V LI-ION
    Available variants
    Variants Battery Charger Carry case
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