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HW131 - High Pressure Cleaner (Professional Use)
Technical Specification
Continuous rating input 2,200W
Maximum Pressure Max 130 bar
Maximum Flow 500 L/hr
Induction Motor 2,3 kW 230V 50Hz
Hose Length 15m
Net Weight 33kg
  • Ideal for industrial users (Professional users)
  • High durable construction for heavy duty tasks and prolonged use.
  • High power motor generates highly 500L/hour flow.
  • It is equipped with a wheeled trolley for easy moving and an  integrated accessory holder for easy storage.
  • HW131
    Standard Equipments
    Gun and lance with hi/low and pencil/fan adjustable nozzle, Rotopower turbo lance, On board detergent tank, Pressure gauge, Triplex plunger pump with connecting rod system.