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DTM51 - LXT Cordless Multi Tool (18V Li-ion)
Technical Specification
Oscillations per minute (opm) 6,000-20,000
Dimensions (L x W x H) 326x80x122mm
Net Weight 2.0kg
  • Tool-less accessory clamp for quick installation and replacement.
  • 12 angle setting of accessories at every 30°from 0°to 360°.
  • Variable speed control by dial.
  • Battery capacity warning lamp.
  • Anti-restart function prevents accidental start-up.
    Key Symbols
    Variable Speedsoft startBrakeCarry Case18V Cordless
    Available variants
    Variants Battery Charger Carry case
    DTM51RTJ 18V Li-ion 5.0Ah x 2pcs 1 pc Makpack Connector Case
    DTM51RFJ 18V Li-ion 3.0Ah x 2pcs 1 PC Makpack Connector Case
    DTM51Z - - -