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LS1019L - 255mm (10") Slide Compound Saw
Technical Specification
Continuous rating Input 1,510W
Miter Angle 60° L / 60° R
Bevel Angle 48° L / 48° R
Blade diameter 250 - 260mm
Blade bore 25.4
No load speed 3,200
Dimensions (L x W x H) 805x644x660mm
Net weight 26.1kg
Power supply cord 2.5m
  • Single sliding system enables smooth operation to produce superior cuts
  • Sliding-on pipe structure for space saving (the machine can be placed close to wall)
  • Excellent dust collection by a new dust collecting port
  • Large turn base
  • Easy-to-operate miter angle lock
  • Independent laser switch Laser marker
  • Excellent sliding durability of safety cover
  • Front knob for easy bevel angle adjustment
  • High precision cutting by the integration of Guide fence and Lower fences
  • One-touch Sliding Lock can be easily done by removing/ inserting the lock pin
  • Standard Equipments
    TCT Saw Blade, Dust Bag, Triangular Rule, Vertical Vise, Hex Wrench
    Double InsulatedBrakeDust CollectingConstant-SpeedSoft_Startbevel cutting 45 DXT_logo